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Math at Home

The magic of math doesn't happen just on paper. It reveals itself through exploration of creative projects that can be done using things you already have at home, like marshmallows, grapes, toothpicks, cherry tomatoes, pretzel sticks, colored paper - you name it! 


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Origami animals

Wondering how to engage your child in math at an early age? Embark on an adventurous origami journey together! 


Origami, an ancient art of folding paper, can be a great tool for your child to explore the full spectrum of shapes and objects.  

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Math Competitions Calendar for 2019-2020!



A new school year means another year of challenging and exciting math competitions! Students of all ages can benefit from participating in math competitions. Competitive, timed tests allow children to showcase their knowledge and compare themselves to their peers. They can also be a confidence booster and, in later grades, look great on college applications. Scroll down for a list of...

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Algebra in Pictures

Antonio Salieri, an Italian classical composer, proposed to “check harmony by algebra.” But can we do the opposite and put algebra itself to a test? What if we attempt to put equations into pictures? This is certainly possible (and, no, we won’t be covering our calculations in rosebuds).

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Math on the go - Happy Pi Day!

What is better, a circle or a square? Happy Pi day!


It's Pi day today and everyone is preoccupied with problems about circles and circumference length. A circle, while appearing to be the simplest geometric shape, is also both fascinating and important. Let’s take a closer look at the incredible properties of a circle. What makes it so special? Is it, say, “better” than a square, and while...

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