Math on the Go! (Thanksgiving Edition)

Turkey Math!

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Math On the Go! Pumpkin Math

Make your own origami pumpkin!


Watch the video below to learn how. As you fold, try to figure out the number of triangles you're creating in the process!


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The Ugly Truth about Motivating Your Kids

A lack of motivation for learning in children is one of the most common teacher and parent complaints that I hear. But what is it that we are really talking about and looking for in our children when it comes to motivation?

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When it Comes to Girls and STEM: Learning Environment Matters

My first job after immigrating to the United States was as a mechanical/software engineer for a small engineering company. At the time, it was a company of five engineers, all male, and a female accountant and secretary - fairly standard demographics for 1989. Then, suddenly, the owner of the company decided to hire me - a 30-year-old female mechanical and computer engineer from the...
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Math On the Go! (Halloween Edition)

Family life is busy. But wouldn't it be great to fill those few minutes we have of our child's undivided attention - while driving to activities or making dinner - with a fun intellectual activity? We think so too. That's why we've created 'Math on the Go:' a list of three to five math activities that we'll provide every few weeks that you can do as a family.

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