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5 Ways to Empower Your Child in Math, at RSM

1. Be patient.

No matter your child’s level in mathematics, RSM is designed to be intellectually challenging. We only grow when we experience victory over challenge, and our program is designed with that in mind. It’s ok if your child doesn’t catch on to everything at first; be patient and supportive. Their ‘aha!’ moment is coming, and it will be glorious. When it does come, use it as teaching...

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What is Russian Math, Anyway?


Last week, NPR ran a story detailing the "Russian Math" phenomenon, following the growth of the Russian School of Mathematics from a kitchen-table passion project to a school that serves over 20,000 students across the country. But what is "Russian Math," and how does it differ from other approaches?

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When it Comes to Girls and STEM: Learning Environment Matters

My first job after immigrating to the United States was as a mechanical/software engineer for a small engineering company. At the time, it was a company of five engineers, all male, and a female accountant and secretary - fairly standard demographics for 1989. Then, suddenly, the owner of the company decided to hire me - a 30-year-old female mechanical and computer engineer from the...
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The Implicit Discouragement: Raising Savvy Math Girls

The rallying cry is beginning its slow crescendo. In her brilliant piece, "Calling all Moms, stop saying that!" Nicole Bryan discusses how frequently we moms discourage our girls from pursuing math without meaning to. Kelly Wallace expands on the same, citing renound academic Jo Boaler and her experiences with "damaged" Stanford undergrads and grads - all wounded by the false assumption that...

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