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At RSM, we believe that mathematics is a language learned over many lessons and mastered over many years. We believe that it is impossible to teach a single lesson without a roadmap of how each lesson connects to the next and how the topics covered in each grade and level will connect with the next grade. Our unique curriculum has served as our roadmap and has fueled the remarkable results we've achieved for thousands of students over two decades.


At every grade and every level, our team of experts sets clear goals for what topics should be taught, in what order, and even the techniques that best allow teachers to explain each topic. In fact, although most members of our curriculum team are highly gifted academics, each of them is first and foremost a teacher at RSM. They use their wealth of experience in the classroom as well as their strong academic background to continuously advance RSM's curriculum. 


These are the minds behind our curriculum and approach, making sure that every child develops to his or her full potential and remains competitive internationally. Meet our curriculum faculty and learn more about what they do.




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