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Wondering how to engage your child in math at an early age? Embark on an adventurous origami journey together! 


Origami, an ancient art of folding paper, can be a great tool for your child to explore the full spectrum of shapes and objects.  

This enjoyable activity helps develop attention to detail and hand-eye coordination, but most importantly, it improves problem solving skills and enhances geometrical reasoning and mathematical learning. For example, your child can perceive the concept of fractions in a tactile way just by folding paper in one-half, one-third or one-fourth.


So, we created a few easy origami videos for kids between the ages of  3 and 5 to get started in exploring the magical world of origami. Create a collection of cute animals with your child and discuss what shapes can be seen in each animal. All you need is a sheet of paper, a marker and maybe a pair of scissors. Happy folding! 

1. Easy origami dog 





2. Cute paper cat




3. Funny fox face




4.  Simple goldfish



5. A monster (bonus for upcoming Halloween)



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Written by RSM

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