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Math at Home

The magic of math doesn't happen just on paper. It reveals itself through exploration of creative projects that can be done using things you already have at home, like marshmallows, grapes, toothpicks, cherry tomatoes, pretzel sticks, colored paper - you name it! 


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Origami animals

Wondering how to engage your child in math at an early age? Embark on an adventurous origami journey together! 


Origami, an ancient art of folding paper, can be a great tool for your child to explore the full spectrum of shapes and objects.  

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Math on the go - Pre-K Special Holiday Edition

The holidays are upon us… Can we fill our children’s hungry minds with exciting discoveries just as we fill their bellies with delicious holiday meals? Of course we can!


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What is there more of?

Is your child completely unfamiliar with math? Maybe she doesn’t even know how to count yet? Excellent! That means she has the opportunity to make real discoveries, and our job is to pose the right questions to her. Even if your child can count, “one, two, three...”, it’s likely she just memorized the numbers. But memorization doesn’t help to get a sense of what quantity means, or to...

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