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Uncertain Times Call for Certain Math

RSM is on TED! Masha Gershman, our Director of Outreach and RSM alumna, spoke about the roots of "Russian Math," and its key tenet that math can be the vehicle that delivers children to their fullest potential.

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What is Russian Math, Anyway?


Last week, NPR ran a story detailing the "Russian Math" phenomenon, following the growth of the Russian School of Mathematics from a kitchen-table passion project to a school that serves over 20,000 students across the country. But what is "Russian Math," and how does it differ from other approaches?

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The Ugly Truth about Motivating Your Kids

A lack of motivation for learning in children is one of the most common teacher and parent complaints that I hear. But what is it that we are really talking about and looking for in our children when it comes to motivation?

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Memorizing Math Drags American Students Down

PISA, an international assessment of students, will be coming out with their results in December. American performance in mathematics is expected to stay disappointingly low. What's interesting about this year's assessment though, as Jo Boaler notes, is that PISA analyzed three distinct learning styles and corrolated them to performance. Those who memorize (and the U.S. has a concentrated number...

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Learned Helplessness

Every teacher knows that one girl or boy in her classroom who just won't do "it," whatever "it" is: a math problem, essay writing, or jumping rope. A teacher's gentle encouragement of these students tends to fall on deaf ears because they have an unfortunate condition I like to call "learned helplessness."

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